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    Katrina Crandall

    Who created this meal plan?

    Katrina is a gluten free vegetarian (and part-time pescatarian) sharing recipes and meal inspiration on her blog She has been meal planning for her family since 2008. Over the years, she has developed successful approaches to meal planning for a wide range of needs, including food sensitivities and allergies, medical conditions, tight budgets, and picky eaters. She also lost over 60 pounds with meal planning as one of her primary weight management tools.

    What will you receive?

    You'll receive a download of a free, 7 day meal plan that includes the following:

    • Breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes, plus snacks
    • An editable grocery list for every recipe on the meal plan
    • All gluten free recipes
    • All recipes meet pescatarian guidelines (meaning they may include seafood but no other meat products)

    The meal plan and grocery list are set up for 2 people, but you can easily adjust for a different number of people as needed.