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Here you’ll find resources to help you make positive changes for your health, including challenges, meal plans, articles, and more.

I am a gluten free vegan (and occasional vegetarian) and a health enthusiast. I’m excited to share the changes I’ve made to lose 60+ pounds and live a healthier lifestyle with my family. However, I am not a doctor. Please view my disclaimer here


Articles on Healthy Living

  • 5 Foods for Mental Health. Most likely, you’re aware of the benefits a healthy diet for your physical health. But did you know that nutrition plays a role in your mental and emotional well-being as well? This article explores 5 foods that can support your mental health and wellness – and a few foods not to eat.
  • 7 Health Reasons to Drink More Water. Drinking more water truly makes a difference to your health and wellbeing, both in the short term and the long run. This article discusses how much water to drink and a few easy tips on how to increase your water intake.
  • 7 Health Reasons to Drink Less Alcohol. Whether you want to improve sleep, clear your head, manage weight, or even reduce your risk of life-threatening illness, reducing alcohol intake can help you reach many different health goals. Here are 7 ways that cutting back on alcohol can benefit your wellness, plus some easy and refreshing mocktail recipes.


Free eBook, The Complete Guide to Healthy Pasta

Enjoy pasta *and* stick to your clean eating goals with the Complete Guide to Healthy Pasta. This 15-page free eBook shows you 8 gluten free pastas that will reduce inflammation, promote gut health, and support clean eating. The eBook also includes free recipes, meal inspiration, nutrition guidance, and healthy cooking tips.

free ebook download of the complete guide to healthy pasta


5-Day Gentle Detox

If you feel like you “need” a dessert after each meal, you have a glass of wine almost every evening, or your body craves bread at every dinner, then you might benefit from a gentle 5-Day Detox Meal Plan.

This program is designed to help rid your body of these cravings and get you back on track with craving what you truly need – plenty of water, whole foods, and real nourishment. You’ll receive a meal plan and grocery list that’s customizable for your own needs and preferences

5-day gentle detox


14-Day Mind, Body, and Home Detox Challenge

The 14-Day Mind, Body, and Home Detox Challenge includes the 5-day meal plan described above, plus much more. You’ll receive daily emails packed with ideas, inspiration, and guidance. Choose any two-week period that works for you.

  • Day 1: prep day!
  • Days 2 – 4: a mind detox to reflect on self-care practices, improve your self-talk, and remove mental stressors in your life.
  • Days 5 – 9: the 5-day gentle body detox described above, to nourish yourself with whole foods and reduce cravings for sugar and processed foods.
  • Days 10 – 13: a 4-day home detox to take practical steps toward reducing chemicals and toxins in your household.
  • Day 14: a closing day of reflection and goal setting.

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