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How to do a perfect manicure at home

Lately I’ve been getting questions about where I get the manicures that show up in photos on my blog posts and social media pics. I’m happy to share that I do my own weekly home manicure in a way that’s quick, simple, and very inexpensive!

My secret is that for years, I’ve used imPRESS nails, and I’m sharing all my tips and tricks in this article.

This manicure method is easy, quick, doesn’t damage your nails, and ensures flawless nails at all times. As an added bonus, it’s much less expensive than having your nails done at a salon.

By following my tips, your imPRESS nails can last an entire week to ensure you get the most out of every package and application. I’m sharing the best practices that I’ve discovered over several years of using them on a weekly basis.

perfect home manicure

Where to purchase your home manicure nails

ImPRESS nails are readily available in grocery stores, drug stores, or online in a wide selection

I highly recommend getting on the mailing list. Through the list, you’ll receive information about great coupons, sales, and discounted VIP shipping opportunities.

Since I use the nails so often, I keep my eyes open at retail stores, Amazon, and the imPRESS website. Then I try to purchase wherever I see a great deal at one of those places. I usually don’t have to wait too long before a great opportunity arises.

How to do a home manicure

Timing is critical to success! I start my home manicure late at night after I’ve washed my face, brushed my teeth, etc., so my hands don’t come into contact with water again until morning. The instructions from the company say that you can wash your hands again just an hour or two after applying. However, I’ve found that not washing my hands overnight is the difference between the nails lasting a few days or lasting a full week!

When you open your nail kit, sort through the sizes to find the ones that fit your nails best. If you’re deciding between two nail sizes, it’s better to go with the smaller size. There are little numbers on the back tips of the nails that indicate sizes. Smaller numbers mean larger sizes, so “0” is the largest size.

Lay the nails out in a straight line so you don’t get them out of order once you start applying them.

Most imPRESS nail kits come with “accent nails.” These are nails that are a different color from the rest and often have features such as patterns, rhinestones, or other eye catching details. If accent nails aren’t your style, don’t let these deter you. There should be plenty of other nails in the package to complete your manicure without using the accent nails if you prefer.

After you pick the sizes and lay them out, use the nail file in the kit to gently buff the tops of your nails. This creates little ridges for the adhesive to stick to. The nails won’t last as long if your nails are too smooth.

Use the enclosed wooden orange stick to gently push back your cuticles. If needed, clip your natural nails short.

Use the wet prep cloth and wipe your nails a couple times. You definitely don’t want to miss this step!

imPRESS box contents for home manicure

imPRESS box contents: nail file, orange stick, and prep pad.

To apply the nails, peel the protective plastic off, align the rounded part of the nail with the base of your cuticle, and then press HARD. Press on both sides of each nail, plus the middle. Apply the thumb nails last. Then go back over your nails and press them a couple more times.

How to maintain your home manicure

Enjoy your beautiful new manicure! I keep extra nails from the kit in a baggie in my purse in case one pops off during the week, but this is very rare. If you need to replace one, apply nail polish remover to the nail first to get a similar effect to the prep cloth.

How to safely remove press-on nails

By the end of 7 days or so, you’ll be ready for a new home manicure with new colors and/or patterns. If you need to remove them earlier, you should be able to do so. When you want to remove the nails, the instructions say to peel from the sides. However, sometimes I find it more effective to slide them forward and backward gently until they come off. Sometimes a gentle twisting action helps as well.

I hope you enjoy imPRESS nails as much as I have. Comment below if you give them a try, and let me know how you like them!

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