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What are grocery shopping services?

If you haven’t been using a grocery shopping service, there are many great reasons to start. A grocery shopping service is a company that prepares your grocery order for you, then either delivers your groceries or brings them out to your car for you. 

Below I give 5 reasons why you should use one of these services, plus tips on how to find one in your area.

5 reasons you should use a grocery shopping service

Reasons to use a grocery shopping service

Here are 5 reasons you should find one of these fantastic services and put them to work for you.

  1. Eliminate impulse buys in the store. When I go to the store, I usually end up grabbing things I didn’t plan on buying. This is especially true when I shop while I’m hungry. Usually these purchases aren’t the healthiest options, and they add to my bill.
  2. Save headaches. In my experience, most grocery stores have harsh lighting, annoying music, crowds, and frigid air conditioning. Grocery stores are not the most relaxing or enjoyable shopping locations, so skipping these trips can be a real stress reducer.
  3. Create ease with small children. We only have one child and she’s a little older now (already in kindergarten!), so this isn’t a big factor for us anymore. However, I have friends with multiple small children who rave about how much easier their grocery shopping when they use a grocery pickup or delivery service. For these parents, it’s a life changing experience.
  4. Assist with mobility issues. Whether long term or temporary (such as from an injury, surgery, etc.), anyone who is dealing with mobility issues will appreciate and benefit from grocery shopping services. For them, grocery services are much more than a luxury.
  5. Save time. When used together with meal planning, you can save significant amounts of time by reusing grocery lists in your account. For example, here’s how I use my grocery service:
  • I have one saved grocery list for our weekly staples. This includes items that aren’t tied to any particular recipe or meal but that our family uses and needs regularly. These include fruit, snacks, tissues, dishwasher detergent, etc.
  • I have some weekly meal plans that I use on rotation, and I created a saved grocery list for each one.
  • Each week I pull up the applicable saved grocery lists. I select everything from the lists that we need, and add them to my online grocery cart.
  • I schedule pickup for Sunday right after church. Then I swing through the parking lot on our way home, and the friendly folks at my local grocery store bring the groceries I ordered right to my car. Amazing, right?

One bonus reason to use grocery shopping services

Since I originally wrote this article, we have another important reason in 2020 to use grocery shopping services. During a pandemic, these services can help keep yourself and your family members safer by reducing your exposure. This is especially important if you and/or your family members are at higher risk for severe illness.

How to find a grocery shopping service near you

In order to find a shopping service in your area, the easiest place to start is with your favorite grocery store that you know and love. You’ll already be familiar with their inventory and how their sales run. Look online or speak with a store manager. Do they offer curbside pickup or home delivery?

Here are just a few examples of grocery stores that offer these services:

  • Hannaford to Go is the service my family uses most often.
  • Peapod delivers from Stop & Shop, Food Lion, Giant-Landover, and other supermarkets.
  • Some local grocery stores, such as Shaw’s and Price Chopper, operate their delivery services through Instacart. In addition to groceries, Instacart also delivers items directly to your home from stores such as CostCo, CVS, and PetCo.

If your local grocery store doesn’t provide delivery or pickup services, here are some other options to consider.

  • Amazon Fresh is available for Amazon Prime members by invitation in select areas and includes delivery and/or pickup service. 
  • Target offers grocery delivery. In some cases, they even deliver on the same day you placed your order.
  • Walmart offers both pickup and delivery services in select locations.

grocery shopping service

Exploring more about meal planning

After taking the step to use a grocery shopping service, you may be wondering what else you can do to make your meal planning more effective. 

Most likely, you’re aware that meal planning can reduce your stress and save you time. And while these are important reasons why you should have a regular meal planning routine, that’s only part of the picture.

Truly effective meal planning, when approached at a deeper level, can have a dramatic impact in areas where you set your highest priority goals. These can include health, finances, relationships, and even community and global impact.

If you’re interested to learn more, please sign up using the form below for my FREE five-day meal planning mini-course! We’ll explore topics such as goal setting for meal planning, creating weekly meal plans, and selecting the best meal prep methods for you and your family. I’d love for you to join me!

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