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About Katrina

I’m Katrina, and I live in a picturesque little corner of Vermont with my love-of-my-life husband, our 6-year-old daughter, and our 16-year-old dog Hank.

Here’s a little about my food journey: I first became a vegetarian in 1992. Since then, I’ve had periods of being vegan, ovo-lacto vegetarian, and pescatarian. I provide all three types of recipes in my blog, and my sincere hope is that you’ll enjoy exploring one, a couple, or all three of these areas.

In 2018, I became (very) sick for six months without understanding why. I conferred with different specialists and made multiple adjustments to my diet without any improvement. Finally, during a routine physical, my general practitioner suggested I try cutting out gluten. Sure enough, in my early 40s, I discovered I had a severe sensitivity to gluten. While initially I viewed this as a restriction on my diet, ultimately it has inspired me to learn new ways of cooking and enjoying food. And beyond any dietary considerations, I’m just incredibly grateful to feel healthy again.

What you’ll find on the GF Veg blog

The recipes on the GF Veg blog aim to:

  • Reduce inflammation and promote gut health. All are gluten free, and many are soy free and/or dairy free.
  • Be friendly to your schedule and your budget, without a long list of ingredients or overly fussy preparation methods.
  • Promote clean eating and a diet balanced in all the nutrients our bodies need.

In case you ever get a sweet tooth, I do post occasional indulgences and treats as well!

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I’m also passionate about meal planning, which is something I’ve been doing for my family since 2008. Over the years, I’ve developed successful approaches to meal planning for many different needs, including food sensitivities and allergies, medical conditions, special diets (such as Paleo and timed nutrition), tight budgets, and picky eaters. I also lost over 60 pounds with meal planning as one of my primary weight management tools.

On the blog, I share plenty of practical meal planning tips, like these:

In addition to food, here are a few other things I love: family time, fitness, crafts, planning and going on vacations, and trying to live something close to resembling a balanced lifestyle. These are things I explore and share in this blog as my sweet family and I adventure through this life. I’m grateful you’re here to share some of it with me!